Welcome to (aq)!

(aq) is written by 2 friends. We feel especially knowledgeable about this subject because we both

1) took the same introductory chemistry class where we learned what (aq) meant

2) are scientists that research things that exist in a kinda aqueous-y state

3) are students that spend an inordinate percentage of their stipend on aqueous consumption

4) grew up next to a large body of water (the Pacific) and now live next to a smaller body of water (the Atlantic)

5) have exactly the same taste in liquids. meaning we must both be awesome.

6) drink everything that’s not fruit juice or soda… and sometimes we even make exceptions for those (read: Trader Joe’s fruit juices).

So, sit back, enjoy, and if there isn’t already, get a mug/glass/cup filled with something fairly liquidy (preferably not your ex’s blood). There’s a world of substances to enjoy!