Beer Nirvana

Echoing Neil — there is paradise on earth. It’s called 112 beers on tap. And we have notes to prove it!

Suffering slightly from beer ADHD, we figured we’d go with 2 tasting flights to start the night. Which lead to another flight. Which lead to two very happy liquid bloggers. The following notes are in chronological order and are exactly what we wrote down in the bar — meaning you probably shouldn’t take the last couple seriously. (Also, we need to figure out a better notes taking system that doesn’t look like I’m listening to an organic chemistry lecture in the middle of a bar).

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Paradise is in Allston

The scribes of this illustrious journal found enlightenment on Friday night, and, as I always half suspected, the key to happiness is more of a gnostic secret than a zen insight. It’s not fair, but worry not – you’re here now and I’ll share it with you.

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